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Middlebury Institute Papers
I. Collapse of the American Empire
II. The Case for American Secession
III. October 2005 Vermont Convention Speech
IV. Statement on Collegiality
V. Minimal Rights and Freedoms of Individuals in a Sovereign State
VI. From Little Acorns:  The American Secession Movement Today
VII. The Logic of Secession: Three Tines to a Trident
VIII. Your Empire's Collapsing...
IX. Danger Ahead: Obama's Lincoln Thing
X. "To the Size of States There Is a Limit": Measurements for the Success of Secession
Kirkpatrick Sale Articles
The Lessons of 9/11
Seeing Red and Seeing Blue
  Breakdown of Nations
Small Is Powerful
Things Fall Apart, Ready or Not
 Sale Interview in Iranian Newspaper
FrontPorchRepublic Articles
The Secession Solution
Getting Back to the ‘Real’ Constitution--

The Sesquicentennial Is Upon Us
Reflexive Patriotistm, Last Refuge of a Scoundrel Nation
Understanding the Sesquicentennial
Review of 2013 book "Most Likely to Secede"

Other Important Articles

Christopher Ketcham, 2008
Most Likely to Secede” 

Christian Science Monitor, 2009
States rebel against Washington

Wall Street Journal, 2009
Divided We Stand

Slate, 2009
Who's most likely to secede?

Christopher Ketcham, Time Magazine, 2010
 “The Secessionist Campaign for the Republic of Vermont

Miscellaneous Links

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Excerpts from:
Middlebury Declaration that came out of a Radical Consultation in Vermont, in 2004

We the undersigned participants of Radical Consultation are convinced that the Amerian Empire, now imposing its military might on 153 countries around the world, is as fragile as empires historically tend to be, and that it might well implode upon itself in the near future. Before that happens, no matter what shape the United States may take, we believe there is an opportunity now to push through new political ideas and projects that would offer true popular participation and genuine democracy. The time to prepare for that is now...
Burlington Declaration from First North American Secession Convention in Vermont in 2006

We, the participants in the First North American Secessionist Convention, though representing many different and diverse groups and constituencies, agree on the following principles as representing the truths of natural law and historical experience...

Chattanooga Declaration from Second North Amerian Secession Convention in Tennessee in 2007
We, the delegates of the secession movements represented at the Second North American Secessionist Convention, acknowledging our differences, yet agree on the following truths:  1.    The deepest questions of human liberty and government facing our time go beyond right and left, and in fact have made the old left-right split meaningless and dead...

The Manchester Declaration from Third North American Secessionist Convention in New Hampshire in 2008 

We, the delegates to the Third North American Secessionist Convention, meeting in Manchester, New Hampshire, do declare the following:  The recent election in the United States, far from signaling a change in the imperial system or a restructuring of the essential political order, unfortunately perpetuates the two-party system and its old familiar politicians that for decades have promoted the interests of the corporate/financial elite whose willing servants they remain.  The recent financial flailing and machinations in the U.S., including the trillion-dollar bailout of the institutions that created the economic meltdown in the first place, provide ample and blatant evidence of  Wall Street’s control over U.S. politics in the interest of trying to see that the rich get richer and the rest get nowhere...
September 2014: New Survey Confirms One Quarter of Americans for Secession

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Kirkpatrick Sale speech at Southern Secession conference 
Oct. 2007:
"The Logic of Secession"  (mp4) (wma) 43 mn

Christopher Ketcham interview Feb. 2008:
On Secession at Radio

Kirkpatrick Sale speech at John Randolph Club
Nov. 2010: "The Ideal Size of a Nation" (mp4) (wma) 41 mn

Kirkpatrick Sale at Abbeville Institute  Feb. 2012:
To the Size of States there is a Limit: The Human Scale of Secession

Kirkpatrick Sale on Mike Church radio show Dec. 2012: "Emancipation Hell: the Truth about Lincoln's Illegal Act  
Whenever any form of government is destructive of these ends [life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness]
it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it,
and to institute new government in such form
 as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”
Declaration of Independence, 1776